Turn Virtual Conversations

into Cash Masterclass

Friday, November 19th from 11 am to 1 pm EST

STOP leaving money on the table when people ask "What do you DO!"


Many black women entrepreneurs have awesome and amazing businesses. However, when it comes to explaining it to others, they struggle to verbalize their value.


As a result, they are losing sales, get frustrated clients are not buying, or worse consider quitting the business they love.


Quinn Conyers is a master at giving your message a makeover. She will show you how to convert your boring and basic elevator pitch into a Verbal Business Card to ATTRACT and not repel clients every time you open your mouth!


  • What a Verbal Business Card is and WHY every Speaker and

    Entrepreneur need one!

  • #1 Way to reason your elevator pitch is hurting your business

    (and you don't even know it!)

  • How to AVOID top 3 mistakes speakers and entrepreneurs

    repeat make when asked what they "DO" that's costing them, clients!

  • How to INSTANTLY impress clients using LUXURY LANGUAGE,


  • How to be the spokesperson for your Business, Brand, or Book

    in 10 seconds or less!

  • A SNEAK PEEK into what it's like when you invest in the Verbal Business Card program in a Tribe of FIVE or less!

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