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Luxury Language Power Words

Most women in business use what I call "discount dialect" when telling people what it is that they do. And by doing so, they are actually discounting their value and repelling their ideal clients, and leaving money on the table. This guide will explain the difference between discount dialect vs. luxury language and give your brand an instant boost in credibility & authority in your respective space.

  • Master Luxury Language

    ​Master luxury language to give your message an instant makeover. 

  • No more getting overlooked.

    Remove weak words causing clients to overlook you.

  • Become your business' spokesperson

    Be empowered to be the spokesperson of your business, book, or brand.



Quinn Conyers trains black women in business how to turn Conversations into Cash so they can profit from public speaking on and offline!


After experiencing Quinn you will transform from a public speaker into a power presenter so you can finally get your audience to take action with you instantly after you speak. 

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