Attention Entrepreneurs Who Speak:

It's Time To... Present,  Persuade, and Profit!

The Profit from Public Speaking Accelerator is the ultimate hybrid coaching experience training entrepreneurs and business owners how to confidently sell their services, courses or coaching program INSTANTLY after they speak. 



is the ultimate hybrid coaching experience training entrepreneurs and business owners how to confidently sell their services, courses or coaching program instantly after they speak.  


After 8 weeks you will learn how to maximize and monetize ALL speaking opportunities on behalf of your business, book or brand and transition into a profitable virtual presenter in 2021 and beyond.


Inside The Hybrid Coaching Experience

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners will learn how to Profit from Public Speaking using my proven
V.O.I.C.E method that will take clients from interested to invested in doing business with you after

just one powerful presentation!


You will master the following:

  • VOICE VISIBILITY: How to make your voice visible on social media and other people’s stages so clients and customers are BEGGING to do business with after hearing you speak. Lastly you will learn what kind of presenter you are and decide when you should speak for FREE or not. ($2,100 Value)​

  • ORGANIZE YOUR OFFER: You will master how to develop and deliver a powerful presentation you can leverage to sell your services, coaching or courses instantly after you speak. You will determine what kind of offer you should make based on personality, passion and preference. Your offer will be structured strategically so you can PRESENT to PERSUADE and PROFIT from public speaking. ($3,100 Value)

  • IDENTIFY YOUR IDEAL CLIENT that has the Income to Invest: You will learn how to create
    compelling content that attracts your target client immediately! You will also identify your
    Voice Vehicle so you have a presence on all platforms but dominate on one so you can
    make an income and impact without burnout or frustration. ($1,500 Value)​

  • COMMAND THE CROWD: How to ENGAGE with prospects so they become paying clients by delivering an interactive presentation that motivates them to take action with you after you speak or present. You will also be able to WOW the crowd with your compelling story that increases your chances of conversion. ($2,200 Value)

  • EVENTS: You will learn how to find and create your own events so you are BOOKED and
    BUSY and NOT BORED and BROKE. You will master CLOSING STRATEGIES that lead to
    clients and CONSISTENT sales. ($1,800 Value)


Profit From Public Speaking Accelerator

$10, 700

Plus These Amazing Bonuses

When you enroll today you'll also receive these amazing bonuses.

  • BONUS # 1

    VERBAL BUSINESS CARD: Create your clear, concise and compelling Verbal Business Card so clients go from INTERESTED to INVESTED in working with you after just one conversation.

  • BONUS # 3

    LIFETIME ACCESS to the Profit from Public Speaking Accelerator Training Portal

  • BONUS # 5

    SALES SHEET TEMPLATE that increases your Chances of Conversion

  • BONUS # 7

    How to create BONUSES that make people BUY Cheat Sheet

  • BONUS # 2

    2-DAY VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE on May 14 & 15: Learn LIVE as I show you how to polish and perfect your power presentation so you have the courage to speak, serve and sell on ANY stage with confidence.

  • BONUS # 4


  • BONUS # 6

    BEHIND THE SCENES Group Coaching Calls (Tuesdays at 3pm EST) (4)

  • BONUS # 8

    SPEAK BLACK WOMAN GEAR (Complimentary Clutch)

Still Not Sure If This Is For You?

Listen to the success stories of other business owners and entrepreneurs just like you who are READY and who just learned how to Profit from Public Speaking with Profitable Presentation.

"I've been to several organizations and people who provide speaker training and I can tell you, This is the ONLY one that has created a transformation in me"

Dr. Johnette C.

"She's (Quinn) is teaching me how to tell my story in a way that can effect other people, and allow me to positively effect other people's lives. For that I am grateful"

Antione P.

"I never ever imagined that she would be able to pull out of me an entire message that I can take right now, already packaged, and make money off of it."

Darren M.

Are You Ready To Convert Crowds With Confidence?

Master my POWER method so that you can be able to communicate to convert so your audience will be persuaded to pay you or enroll in any of your programs after just one powerful presentation.

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    By investing in the Profit from Public Speaking Accelerator or any coaching services offered by Quinn Conyers you understand this is a hybrid coaching experience that involves you doing work on your own and LIVE training from Quinn to achieve maximum results for your business.  You also acknowledge your VBC session will be conducted on 1 of the 3 dates you select after your investment is complete. Should you need to switch dates you can do so based on availability by emailing You also understand and agree that NO refunds are given if you miss your date, are late, or fail to participate in any live coaching sessions. If an emergency does arise prior to the start of your coaching experience your investment can be applied to r any of other Quinn's coaching services within a 12-month time frame.

    Quinn Conyers, Chief Transformation Officer

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is Profit from Public Speaking Accelerator?

    The Profit From Public Speaking Accelerator is the ultimate hybrid coaching experience training entrepreneurs and business owners how to confidently sell their services, courses or coaching program INSTANTLY after they speak.

    Q: Is Profit from Public Speaking an online course or LIVE coaching program?

    BOTH! You have pre-work to do to enhance your learning experience as well as LIVE training sessions to increase your chances of converting and closing clients after you speak.


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